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Final Inspection Time

It is now final inspection time, in which the county will send various inspectors out to inspect your final electrical, your final overall building, your safety feature and (in some counties) your right-of-way. We try to schedule these inspections prior to you moving into your new home so that you are not bothered with having to wait around for inspectors. In some cases, you must be present for the inspectors to enter your home with existing construction jobs. In this case, this appointment will be scheduled with you in advance. 

Once we have a final approval from the county, your job is then processed for close out, and a final invoice will be issued. Your Construction Manager will deliver to you a folder containing all of your manuals and warranties, a copy of your pool print to the appropriate water district requesting a discount due to the pool being filled, and a customer service questionnaire.


Pool School 

Pool school is what we call it when your Construction Manager teaches you about your swimming pool, equipment, maintenance, etc. This normally takes about an hour and is done on site. He will instruct you at this time as to when you are free to swim. A final invoice will be issued at this time once all work has been completed and inspected.

You are now free to enjoy your very own backyard escape!

This does not end the relationship between Aquascapes Design, Inc. and our customers. We take pride in making sure your pool continues to operate properly throughout the terms of your warranty and beyond. Any repairs or adjustments are promptly addressed and are just a phone call away.


We pride ourselves on quality swimming pools and spas. We have a one-year in house warranty from the final inspection approval date. Any and all manufacture warranties are as stated in the literature provided in your customer close out package.

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