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Cage Construction 

Our screen Enclosure Company will be on site next to erect your cage. This is done prior to the interior finish of your pool being applied. Once interior finish is applied water must immediately start being filled into the pool. For safety reasons foremost, the cage is completed first so that there is a protection around the pool before being filled with water. It also helps protect against leaves and debris falling into the pool and possibly sticking to the interior finish of the pool. This is most often a two day process, and requires its own separate permit and final inspection (handled by the cage company itself).


Interior Finish

The interior crew will move in to apply your custom finish. Many different colors and types of materials are available. This selection is important to accent the scheme and decor of your tile/brick selection. Application of this material is a one day procedure. Your pool will begin filling immediately after they finish. Interior materials cure more efficiently under water. Our construction assistant will mail a letter informing you of when this is scheduled. It states the importance of the pool fill and water safety. It will also ask you to contact us to set up your pool school with your project manager.


Start Up

We are now ready to start up your pool and you'll soon be swimming.

What should you expect when your pool is done and full of water?

Your pool is full and it's time to start it up! This is another important process to ensure your new finish continues to look new for years to come. A service technician will arrive with chemicals and all the necessary fittings to trim your pool. The plumbing is filled with water and the pump/filter is turned on. Muratic acid and conditioner are added to stabilize the water. This also counteracts the natural effect of the interior finish to extract these chemicals from the water. Your deck, tiles and/or brick will be cleaned also. The walls and floor of your interior will be brushed too. It is important that you, the homeowner, continue to brush the pool on a daily basis. Doing so will ensure that the aggregate is exposed properly and also keep any foreign objects from attaching themselves and causing a stain.


Safety Feature Installation

Your swimming pool's safety features are then scheduled. If you have chosen swimming pool alarms, these may have already been installed by your homebuilder for new construction jobs. If you elected to use the baby barrier fence, this is called in and scheduled after the final deck topping has been completed.


Final Deck Top

Once the start up has taken place and safety features are installed, we are ready to apply your final deck topping coat of paint. The deck toppers will again wash down the surface of the deck and prep it for the final paint. This is done as one of the final steps so that your deck is not marred or damaged by any construction crews. Paver decks do not have this stage.


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