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Different selections require different preparation, and this is where all the fine tuning is done to ensure your tile goes on straight, level and plumb. The time required for this phase directly depends on the complexity of each situation. Some of the more exotic designs can take more time to complete. Needless to say, the quality installation of your tile or brick will be the most visible feature when your pool is complete. 


Deck Form and Pour 

With all the different options available for decking, the installation procedures here vary greatly. Concrete decks will need to be formed, poured and topped with your choice of decorative toppings. Paver decks go down piece by piece, and consist of a variety of different shapes, colors and patterns. Paver decks require more labor, and therefore will take longer to install.


Deck Inspection

Your municipality will be scheduled to observe proper procedures in the grounding of your pool and, in the case of poured decks, the dimensions. They will sign your permit giving us the OK to continue construction. Formed, concrete decks can now be poured and topped. Paver decks will be scheduled for installation. Once the deck has been poured or the pavers installed, your second invoice for your deck draw is then issued.


Deck Topping 

Back to your deck again! Once the concrete deck has had time to cure (normally 7 to 10 days), the deck topping crew will begin acid washing the deck and getting it ready for the texture phase. You can choose from different colors and patterns with your Design Consultant. The first coat of paint is applied at this time, but it may appear as a different color form what you originally chose because of the primer coat below. Once the pool is complete, one of the final stages is to apply the final coat.

Electrical Hook Up


The electricians will be making a visit to your house to ground the steel from your shell, the light fixtures, and any metal within a designated perimeter of your waters edge. This ground wire will be routed to your equipment pad and attached to your home's main service ground for safety. They will also be running the main power to your equipment area. All the components required to operate your system will be mounted and wired at this time. Any switches, outlets, etc. will be mounted in the predetermined location discussed with your design consultant.


Equipment Set


The Pump, Filter, Heater, etc. will be placed at the predetermined location, and all pipes from the pool will be attached in an easy to understand fashion. All pipes will be cleaned and labeled. At this time, your equipment draw invoice is issued. This is not your final invoice but an invoice for equipment & installation of same.


Interior Prep 

The clean out crew is immediately scheduled to scrape up and clean out any construction spillage and debris still in and around your pool. The concrete shell is cleaned and acid washed to promote maximum bonding with your interior finish. Any step tile, mosaics, etc. will be applied on that same day or the next if necessary. 


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