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Shell Shoot


The concrete crew will arrive to pump the concrete into the pool. This is done with high pressure air shot out of a 2" hose onto the walls. Once applied, it is cut by hand conforming to the desired specifications. At this time the steps and benches will be shot in and shaped also.

This completes the first major stage of construction on your pool. A shell draw invoice will then be issued.


Deck Grading


A couple of days may lapse at this time for the crew to strip their lumber off the concrete shell, after which the heavy equipment will be scheduled to come in and level the dirt left during excavation. The surrounding area will be graded off close to its original grade. Any tapers, slopes or swales in your yard will be taken into consideration while we are grading the yard.

We take pride in maintaining a clean job site. Any excess material, garbage, etc will be removed while the equipment is on site.

Rough Plumbing

Now we have a concrete shell in the middle of your back yard. The next phase will be plumbing. Trenches are dug, and the pipes routed from their origin to the pre-selected location where they will be attached to the pump, filter, heater, etc. This is an important process to achieve leak free recirculation of water to and from your pool. The pipes will be pressurized. Time for plumbing inspection - Your inspector will check the maintenance of pressure in the system and sign off on your permit. Once the pipe inspection is complete and the trenches are filled in, the tile crew will begin preparing your shell for application of the tile/brick.


Brick/Tile Labor


Different selections require different preparation, and this is where all the fine tuning is done to ensure your tile goes on straight, level and plumb. The time required for this phase directly depends on the complexity of each situation. Some of the more exotic designs can take more time to complete. Needless to say, the quality installation of your tile or brick will be the most visible feature when your pool is complete. 


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