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Swimming Pool Design and Build

Designing your Dream Pool 


Once you have decided on the ideal swimming pool to fit your lifestyle desires and budget, the contract is set in motion, the construction of your backyard dream begins.

Pool Permitting

Paperwork is an important part of any quality company, and our Administrative Assistant will quickly begin the process of getting your permit in order. Requests are made for inspections concerning conflict in utilities and environmental issues, and your customer file is assembled for permitting. The time taken to complete this process varies according to the circumstances pertaining to each job individually and the counties involved. During this time, your job will be pre-cited by your Construction Manager for extenuating circumstances that might need special attention during the construction of your pool.

When the permit is issued, the fun begins. You or your homebuilder will be notified as to when we plan to begin construction!


In the first physical phase of construction, you will witness the layout of forms to outline the shape of your pool, plus the distance required to encompass the thickness of concrete. After these forms are staked firmly in place and checked for accuracy, the excavation begins.



Every excavation varies according to access. By this time, you have discussed this issue with the design consultants. Arrangements will have been made to move any fences, obstructions or secure a letter of agreement for access to neighbor's property, etc. The appropriate machine will dig the pool. Some dirt will be left for later use once the concrete shell is shot. The hole will be shaped to the proper depth and dimensions



Now it begins to look like something is happening. Immediately after the hole is dug, the steel crew will begin putting in a cage made out of 3/8" steel bars, bent to fit the contour of your pool and installed in 1' squares. The plumbing for any drains, as well as water returns from the filter, jets, in-floor cleaning systems and light housings, will also be installed at this time.

We are ready for our first construction inspection, the steel inspection.

The municipality in which you reside will come out and check the steel work, as well as the pool’s dimension for accuracy as submitted in our plans. The permit is then signed, giving us the "OK" to continue and your pool is immediately scheduled for the concrete to be pumped in.


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