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Anyone can dig a hole and fill it with water. But it takes an artist to build an oasis in your own backyard. Aquascapes Design, Inc. is made up of such artists. Founded by Bob Marquette ten years ago, Aquascapes is a custom swimming pool designer, builder and renovator. The company can certainly build a basic rectangle or kidney-shaped pool, but it is in elaborate design work and creativity that Aquascapes excels. From fountains to faux rock, vanishing edges to colored lighting, Aquascapes is dedicated to crafting the perfect backyard aquatic getaway for each and every customer.  “It’s not just a pool,” maintains Marquette. “It’s not just a hole in the ground. It’s an aquascape. It’s an outdoor adventure.”

Marquette has been a part of the pool industry for more than twenty five years, working his way up from Laborer to become the Sales Manager of a 600 pools-per-year company. “But even with those numbers, I felt the customers were being left out of the equation,” he explains. “They weren’t customers, they were lot numbers. I founded Aquascapes Design because I wanted to make sure that each and every customer is a part of our success.”


Aquascapes Design is committed to forging long-term relationships with each and every customer. And Marquette himself is on a mission to change the tarnished image of pool companies wrought a generation ago.

We’re not the pool company of 30 years ago,” he says. “We are an honest hard working company and we stand by our promises - we've been around for 20 years and we'll be around for the next 20 years. We’re here to provide our customers with the very best products and services that money can buy. We are honest and sincere – that’s how I built this company, and anyone who works for me is going to follow that path.”


Aquascapes Design strives to remain at the cutting edge of pool technology, integrating the latest innovations in pool maintenance. Aquascapes is a certified Pebble Tec builder, one of only a handful in the state. And all pools are designed in CAD, allowing the designer to work with the customer to see exactly how their backyard oasis is going to look before a shovel ever hits the earth.

“We believe that the pool is an extension of the home,” explains Marquette. “When we interview people, we ask them if they hold parties, if they get in and swim or just like to float, whether they do any outdoor cooking, whether they have kids or grandkids… We blend many different elements, from the vision of the customer to the vision of the designer to the surrounding environment. We take this all into consideration to make sure that the pools we build are more than just a hole in the ground filled with water.”

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